Rule of 78 Calculator

What Is the Rule of 78?

If the decision to invest in SIP is being delayed then use this calculator to know the cost of delay.

A SIP Delay or a Systematic Investment Plan is the most effective way of growing wealth. It allows an investor to invest a fixed amount regularly in a mutual fund scheme – typically monthly, although one can invest daily, weekly, quarterly. Here is a calculator that helps you calculate the returns from a monthly SIP Delay.

Calculating Rule of 78 Loan Interest


SI [Interest] = (P x R x T) / 100
P [sum] = (SI x 100) / (R x T)
R [Rate/year] = (SI x 100) / (P x T)
T [Time] = (SI x 100) / (P x R)

SI = Simple Interest
P = Principal or Initial amount
R = % Rate of interest per annum
T = Time Duration

How can i start my SIP?

SIP works like a recurring investment of a fixed amount. Systematically invests a small amount of money in mutual funds at regular intervals by instructing your bank to periodically auto-debit your account with the SIP amount. SIP enables you to regularly increase your investment amount by a fixed amount and get the benefit of compounding.

What are the benefits of investing in SIP?

  • Generate long term wealth from your regular monthly savings.
  • Affordable and Flexible investment option.
  • Hussle free.
  • Disciplined saving and convenient investing.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • SIP has power of compunding.

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